Fiscal Responsibility

I will always put the taxpayer first.. Simply put, I will stop the radical liberal spending agenda, cut out the waste, and fight for a balanced budget while ensuring essential services are properly funded We cannot spend more than we have and our $30 Trillion National Debt won’t get a penny more from me.

End Government Overreach

The Biden Administration wants to control every aspect of our lives, from how we work, what we eat, how we farm, and how we raise our families. I still believe that freedom is the best way to build a flourishing economy, happy families, and prospering businesses. I will push back against all mandates and bureaucratic control.

Increase Energy Independence

Joe Biden has completely hindered the success of our energy industry which has resulted in sky high gas prices. America must stop writing checks for our international adversaries to cash and rely on our own strong energy industry to increase production, re-open our pipelines and work towards becoming energy independent once again.

Keep Our Supply Chain Open

The Port of Catoosa is a key asset in Congressional District 2 that contributes to our national supply chain. By finding strategic ways to work with our local ports we can provide a way to transport our valuable midwest commodities keeping our grocery store shelves stocked and our supply chain open.

Pro Life

The unborn desperately need champions in Washington D.C. My 100% pro-life voting record proves that I will be an unfailing voice for the sanctity of life, upholding the most basic right we possess. I will fight to defund planned parenthood, end taxpayer support of abortions, and advocate for life-affirming alternatives like adoption.

2nd Amendment

The rights of Americans are under attack in Joe Biden’s America. I will be a staunch defender of the 2nd Amendment, because we know it is the right that secures all the others. I will oppose “red flag” laws and buy back programs intended to intimidate and bully law-abiding gun owners.

Illegal Immigration

We desperately need to secure our borders, build the wall, and ensure we are putting American citizens first. As Congressman, I’ll ensure no taxpayer dollars are being spent on illegal immigrants, support increased border security measures, and return control of our border to the United States Government- not the cartels.

Support our Military and National Security

As we watch global events unfold, we must continue to fortify our national security, both our cybersecurity and men and women in uniform. I have the greatest respect for the veterans who have served our country, and I will honor their service by ensuring we defend liberty for another generation.

Religious Freedom

I am proud to be the Oklahoman Chairman for the National Association of Christian Lawmakers. One of the most concerning things we witnessed in the last few years was the government mandated closure of places of worship. As a Christian, we must be on the frontlines of defending our freedom of religion or it will be taken from us. I will support legislation that protects every church’s right to be open, because during times of crisis, there is no greater source of comfort than a community of believers.